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»King Grit™« and »King Shield™« - wear protection technology by King Kong Tools

Gain the utmost in productivity and output from your forestry mulcher, wood grinder, rock crusher and tunnelling head: with »King Grit™« and »King Shield™« wear protection.



King Grit™

The King Grit™ technology is based on the MIG (metal inert gas) welding process where an electric arc burns between the melting and the welding rod in an inert gas atmosphere at extremely high temperatures. Computer-controlled feeding of carbide chips into the welding zone creates a coarse grained surface with carbide chips equally distributed throughout the King Grit™ layer.

Tools protected with King Grit™ show very high wear resistance, extreme impact tolerance and unmatched cutting ability and are used in the most severe cutting conditions.



King Shield™

In certain applications, cutting ability is not what you are looking for. For example, round shank bits working in abrasive rock experience enormous wear along the steel body of their cutting heads. King Shield™ perfectly protects the carbide tip from being washed out.

Here, the MIG electrode consists of a special alloy with microscopic WC (tungsten carbide) particles imbedded. The extreme temperatures create a plasma welding layer with a smooth and extremely hard surface. It resists the enormous abrasiveness of quartz containing minerals while showing a high tolerance against impact loads.


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We also offer individual hard facing designs. Call us if you have any questions about our King Grit™ and King Shield™ wear protection. Surely we can come up with a tailor-made solution for your application!